About Us

We offer one-on-one training at our fitness studio as well as live video sessions via Zoom and the Sudor app.
We cater for complete beginners with no training experience to the more elite athlete looking for accountability and sport specific training.

Training Vision

To lead and support people in their pursuit of a healthy mind, body and soul.
To change the mindset of the stereotypical training culture of muscle building to a more all-round wellness culture.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is the foundation of your fitness goals.
We work together to create a plan that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Steady Progress

We hold you accountable to your goals and have regular feedback sessions to ensure that you are getting the most out of your training and that you are hitting your targets.


Health and fitness is not about being perfect. It’s a best effort approach. It’s about gradual progress and continuous improvement. It’s about being better than you were yesterday. Our coaches are qualified to help you achieve your goals and live a happier, healthier life.


Nicol Muller

Filled with a passion for everything health and fitness related, Nicol will go above and beyond to see you reach your full potential no matter what your goals are.

Our Mission

To help as many people reach their fitness goals as possible and to encourage a healthy lifestyle during the process.