Healthy Clients
Happy People



“My journey of weight loss and wellness started almost 4 years ago, with many ups and downs and realising it is a life time marathon rather than a quick fix sprint. Many times giving up seemed like the easier option but a little over a year I found my person, my healthy lifestyle guru. She is tough without being militant, encouraging without being overbearing. Thank you for sticking by me on this journey Nicol, I appreciate it more than you will ever know!”

Keen Triathlete


“At the age of 30 a doctor had told me I had a heart murmur, after leading an active life up until then.

A few years later a cardiologist told me that being fit would be better for me in the long run, that’s when I contacted Nicol.

When I contacted her in January 2014, I did not think that 6 years later we would still be working together.

I entered my first triathlon in 2015 not knowing at that stage that the bug would bite and my future would change forever.

6 months later the inevitable needed to happen, a valve replacement which is a full heart surgery.

In 2017 Nicol became a triathlon coach and I joined her group of triathletes for a more structured triathlon training program as I wanted to step it up.

What started off as a bucket list item is now a big part of my life having completed a number of triathlons right up to 70.3 distance events. For those not in the triathlon scene, that is a 1900m swim followed by a 90km cycle followed by a 21km run.

My annual check up with the cardiologist is always a great motivator in knowing that what we are doing is helping keep my heart healthy.“

Beauty Therapist


“Training with Nicol gives me a feeling of normalcy and really helps me cope with some real difficult feelings Thanks to her for her patience and words of encouragement when I really want to give up.
Working out with her gives me a sense of achievement.
The sense of being a better me makes every drop of sweat worth the effort.“