Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Triathlon Coach

Boot Camp Instructor


My love for fitness started at a young age, spurred on by my father who was an avid runner (now turned triathlete).

He would sneak me in to the “adult section” of the gym and while he would run on the treadmill I would sneak around using the gym equipment, this is where my love for the gym environment started.

Primary school saw me do very well in long distance athletics although I never took it as a sport but did swimming and also excelled as one of the better freestyle swimmers. As much as my father wanted me to take school sport in high school, without a swimming squad I opted to go home to put on my running shoes and run on my own instead.

I entered my first road race, the Gun Run 10km as soon as I was legally allowed to, 16 years old. From then on I entered as many races as I could.

I moved to the UK when I was 20 years old and is where I studied for my Personal Training qualification. I lived in the UK for 4 years and started my PT career the week I stepped back onto South African soil.

It was not until about the age of 26 where my interest in triathlon started. My dad had got into the sport and after supporting him in Port Elizabeth for the full Ironman event, I was hooked.

I decided then and there that I had to take part one day. Since that decision was made I have taken part in 2 full Ironman events and numerous triathlons along the way, as well as obtaining my triathlon coaching certification.

I now coach a great bunch of triathletes and train amazing clients all over the world towards their goals – no matter what they are.

I love what I do and I can count on one hand the amount of blue Monday’s I have had in my 10 year career.